The Power of Breakfast

breakfast nutrition Jan 12, 2018

Hey, ZF fans! Welcome to our first of many nutrition blog posts.  Let’s start off by talking about the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Your morning meal is important because it jump starts your metabolism, meaning your body starts burning calories for energy. Eating breakfast also provides the body with the fuel you need to go about your day.  A healthy breakfast should contain a whole grain carb (such as whole wheat toast), protein (like eggs or yogurt), and veggies.  Do you have trouble finding ways to eat veggies at breakfast?  Try making an egg scramble with some chopped bell peppers.  Do you prefer to start your day on the sweeter side?  Throw some spinach into your smoothie.  It may turn your drink green, but we promise you won’t be able to taste it when it’s mixed with naturally sweet fruit.

Too many people skip breakfast.  Think this will lead to weight loss?  Think again.  Skipping breakfast makes us hungrier later in the day, which inevitably leads to overeating and making less-healthy choices.  Studies show that the later it is in the day, the less likely we are to choose healthy foods over unhealthy ones.  Don’t let yourself get to the point where you’re so hungry at the end of the day that you’ll eat whatever is around.  Eat breakfast!

So what’s your excuse for skipping breakfast? Not enough time? Too much of a hassle?  If you answered yes, then you’re not alone.  Here’s the good news: with a bit of planning, breakfast can be as easy as grab and go.  Here are a few recipes for breakfast inspiration.

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