Veggies at Every Meal

breakfast lunch recipes Jan 12, 2018

Does the thought of choking down brussel sprouts with your morning coffee make you more than uncomfortable? We have good news for you: eating veggies at every meal can be delicious! But before diving into the “how”, let’s talk about the “why”.
You’ve heard it your entire life…”eat your vegetables!” While we may not all want to look like Popeye (fueled by spinach!), there are plenty of other reasons to eat those delicious veggies.

Vegetables are low in calories and contain stomach-filling fiber and even protein.
Veggies are full of all types of vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy year round.
Most vegetables contain compounds called phytochemicals, which protect cells from damage that may lead to cancer.

Okay, so veggies are good for you (this isn’t news to most). But how can you make veggies a part of every meal you eat, not just dinner? Here are some tips for those tricky meals:

-Smoothies are a great way to eat a ton of veggies for breakfast without really tasting them. The most popular is spinach, but experiment with other veggies such as cauliflower and carrots. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
-Another idea is veggies with eggs. Either make yourself a breakfast sandwich and add some tomatoes and spinach, or try mixing bell peppers into your scrambled eggs.

-We can go way beyond salads here. Add some lettuce, bell peppers, and tomatoes to your sandwich for an added crunch.
-Make your own burrito bowl. Use brown rice, your choice of meats, and load up on the veggies. Your options are endless: salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado...the list goes on and on.

CHALLENGE: Try this for a week! Challenge yourself to eat some kind of vegetable at every meal, and see how you feel by Sunday.

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